SAT Test Preparation

One Size Does Not Fit All ...

Today’s students are busy. Classroom and extracurricular demands can make it difficult to find the time necessary to adequately prepare for the standardized tests that are an important part of the college admissions process. Just as no two students are alike, there is no one “best” way to prepare: the right game plan depends on a student’s outside commitments, their individual strengths and weaknesses, their goals and their motivation. That is why College Success Network has developed four different options for SAT preparation. Each can help students reach their highest potential.

Small Group Sessions

Most SAT prep programs offer either large group classes or individualized tutoring. Yet, neither is necessarily the most efficient or effective approach. With large group classes, students are exposed to test-taking tips and take multiple practice tests, but rarely have the opportunity for specific feedback or one-to-one coaching on areas of weakness. With individual tutoring, students do get that personal attention, but often pay a high price for components that could be just as effectively delivered in a class setting, such as general strategy and practice tests.

The Small Group Sessions program offers the best of both worlds. Groups of 6-8 students begin working with a SAT instructional team approximately 6 weeks before each scheduled SAT test date (longer in the summer) to prepare for all components of the test. The program incorporates a blend of face-to-face group meetings  and individual instruction. The advantages of this approach are: flexible scheduling to meet the needs of busy students; academic camaraderie and friendly competition, which help sustain student interest and motivation; and maximum efficacy and efficiency because students work as a group when it is appropriate, but also receive individualized feedback and instruction. The Small Group Sessions Program is recommended for students who are serious about their preparation, but for whom flexibility is critical. It is also a great option for friends who study well together, as group sessions can be scheduled at group members’ homes.

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Power Workshops

Regularly scheduled Power Workshops allow students to focus on specific areas of the SAT in which they need extra help. Students chose between three different workshops (Critical Reading, Writing and Math), each of which offer focused targeted instruction on the kinds of questions most likely to appear in that section. Each workshop is two to three hours long. Workshops are recommended as a way for students to jump start their independent test prep program or as a supplement for students studying on their own.

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The SAT Boot Camp

The SAT Boot Camp is a four-hour cram session for students who could benefit from last chance strategy tips and tricks, or who need a refresher course. Whether a student has taken a different course, has been studying on their own, or has been unsuccessful in their prep program, the Boot Camp can help them take, strategy, confidence and momentum into their test.

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Individual Instruction

E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (619) 713-0806 to inquire about rates and availability.

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