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In the 2019-2020 academic year, College Success Network will focus exclusively on private tutoring for the SAT and ACT.  As such, we will not be offering our traditional Small Group Sessions program, workshops or single day Boot Camps this year in the North County area.  If you are interested in 1:1 test prep/tutoring, or test reiew and analysis, please call 619-713-0806 or e-mail

SAT Boot Camps

It’s Never Too Late To Be More Prepared ...

SAT Bootcamp This workshop is for students who:

• Need a crash or refresher course in SAT tips and tricks for all sections.
• Want to ensure that they have done everything possible to raise their score.
• Weren’t able to prepare as well as they had hoped.

Topics covered, with hands-on practice, include:

• Answer elimination strategies for all sections.
• Finding the hidden clues in reading passages.
• Avoiding the traps in SAT grammar sections.
• Math shortcuts.
• Winning essay strategies.

Students will take home:

• The most important self-study materials for all sections.
• Power vocabulary of the most likely words to appear on the SAT.
• Momentum and confidence to take into the test.
• A plan for essay success.

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