SAT Boot Camps

It’s Never Too Late To Be More Prepared ...

SAT Bootcamp This workshop is for students who:

• Need a crash or refresher course in SAT tips and tricks for all sections.
• Want to ensure that they have done everything possible to raise their score.
• Weren’t able to prepare as well as they had hoped.

Topics covered, with hands-on practice, include:

• Answer elimination strategies for all sections.
• Finding the hidden clues in reading passages.
• Avoiding the traps in SAT grammar sections.
• Math shortcuts.
• Winning essay strategies.

Students will take home:

• The most important self-study materials for all sections.
• Power vocabulary of the most likely words to appear on the SAT.
• Momentum and confidence to take into the test.
• A plan for essay success.

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College Success Network Quarterly Newsletter

Summer newsletter includes:

  • the new August SAT and how to plan for 2017-2018 testing.
  • the importance of "demonstrated interest."
  • Senior Smart Start summer college application camp and SAT/ACT Intensive Therapy camps.

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