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With more teens taking AP classes than ever before—and since the AP exams are only about a month away—we thought students and teachers could benefit from some of the AP review resources available freely online.  Below are links to general and subject-specific AP review materials.  Good luck!

 General AP Review Resources

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What Do SAT Changes Mean?

After stating only weeks ago that it would delay the release of the new SAT in deference to concerns from college admissions professionals, the College Board recently announced the effective date, and some of the surprising particulars.  College Board had said all along that the vocabulary used in the SAT and the essay would be the greatest targets for change; however, in a move that has caught some observers by surprise, it is eliminating the essay altogether and returning to the old 1,600 score, rather than the 2,400 standard that was adopted with the addition of the essay and the writing section.  The essay will become an optional test component: in other words, the SAT is becoming more similar to the ACT.

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Changes Are On The Way ... SAT Updates

Our October and November SAT takers have reported a good experience (and some great scores!), with the same “but” … “I wish I had studied the vocabulary lists a little more.” Without a doubt, extensive familiarity with the words that appear on the SAT in the sentence completion and passage based reading sections is one surefire way to eliminate wrong answers and choose the right ones. However, with the announcement that the College Board is revising the SAT, with a projected Spring 2015 launch, is the focus on vocabulary likely to change?

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