NEW Program: ACT Express

With the changes to the SAT, including score delays and adjustments as College Board works to fine tune its scales for the new test, there is more interest than ever in the ACT, for good reason.  The ACT remains largely unchanged (except for the recent essay change), there is a plethora of practice materials available, and many students find it to be a more straight-forward test.  The ACT is not for everyone, however: its speed can be daunting for slower readers and more deliberate thinkers, who find themselves unable to finish enough of the test within the time allowed to achieve the score they need.  

So, before deciding to give the new SAT a pass in favor of the ACT, students should make sure to take a full-length, timed practice test under test conditions to determine where they stand via the pace.  Four full practice tests are available on our website on the "Links" page; but note that the essay has changed, effective with the September 2015 test.

For motivated students who have determined that the ACT is a viable option, College Success Network offers a new program that can help maximize student time investment and success.  With ACT Express, students take four full-length practice tests over the course of a month (one per week) on their own and score them, sharing the information with the coaches at College Success Network.  We will analyze each students tests to determine weaknesses and areas of need, and provide additional study material based on the results.  Students will meet for three private two-hour sessions with coaches -- before the program begins, at mid-point, and at the conclusion of the program, approximtely one week before their test date.  This approach has several benefits beyond traditional classes, namely that it allows busy students to get into shape for ACT pacing, drill down to discover where they can get the biggest bang for their study buck, and schedule practice tests and individual sessions around their other school, sports and extracurricular commitments.

Due to the nature of the program, we will accept a limited number of ACT Express students to prepare for the April 9 ACT.  The cost of the program is $300 and the fitrst test is due March 7.  Call 619-713-0806 to register.

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