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In order to help families and student with their college search and plans, we have compiled a list of useful links and resources that will further help you better understand the college application process as well as the financial requirements for a successful path to college.

Standardized Testing

  • – Registration, deadlines and test prep information.  An inexpensive way to study for the ACT is to buy "The Real ACT Prep Guide," which includes five retired ACT tests. You can also study online at the ACT site for $21.95 for a year.  Links to four released ACT tests can be found here.
  • – Registration, deadlines and test prep information. Links to the four official College Board practice tests, as well as Official Practice Questions, can be found here.
  • Khan Academy- This site, well-known to students for other content, offers video content in partnership with The College Board.  This includes video answers for one of the official practice tests (one of the ones available below), as well as video answers to hundreds of previously unreleased SAT Math, SAT Sentence Completion, and SAT Grammar questions.
  • PWN the SAT At this blog, a math tutor in Manhattan shares his vast knowledge of the SAT math section. This isn't just a site for students who need math help -- it's also a valuable resource for ambitious students who want to earn a perfect math score. The site is currently being revamped to address the new SAT, and it will likely continue to be a valuable resource.
  • The Critical Reader - Site of Erica Meltzer, another East Coast test prep tutor, who provides a great deal of free advice via her test-prep blog on the critical reading and writing portions of the old SAT and current ACT - like PWN The SAT, the Critical Reader is continually updating to provide content for the new SAT.  You'll also find free study guides on her site. Including the "Complete SAT Grammar Rules" and the "Complete ACT Punctuation Rules." 

Applications & Admissions

Private Scholarships and Student Loan Info

  • Great database of scholarships for students in San Diego
  • – is one of the most comprehensive scholarship databases
  • – A great website to learn about student loans.
  • – This website provides valuable information regarding ‘alternative’ and/or private student loans.

 College & Career Search

  • CollegeWeekLiveCollegeWeekLive helps students with their college search. One in three college-bound students uses the site to help navigate the college admissions process and find the best college match. Founded in 2007, CollegeWeekLive enables students to live chat with admissions representatives and students from hundreds of U.S. universities and to watch presentations from education experts on topics such as mastering the SATs/ACTs, writing a standout college essay, choosing a college, and more.
  • Big Future - College Board's online tool for career and college planning, as well as financing, admissions and more.
  • World of WorkThe ACT World-of-Work Map is an empirically based, online system for summarizing and displaying basic similarities and differences between occupations. It is visual and interactive, designed to engage users in the process of career exploration.
  • eCampusTours - Virtual tours of more than 1,300 campuses.

 High School & Community College Course Planning

  • Doorways - University of California database of classes fulfilling the UC A-G requirements for freshman admission, organized by school.  Very important for keeping track of for which courses the UC will award an extra grade point, which is often different than individual high school standards.
  • ASSIST ASSIST is an online student-transfer information system that shows how course credits earned at one public California college or university can be applied when transferred to another. ASSIST is the official repository of articulation for California’s public colleges and universities and provides the most accurate and up-to-date information about student transfer in California.
  • UC ScoutScout from University of California is a full-service online learning platform for high school students interested in Advanced Placement, Honors, credit recovery, or “a-g” college prep courses.

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