When Is Deadline To Apply To Belmont College?

December 1. Your application for freshman admission to Belmont should be completed and postmarked by this date if you wish to be considered for our most competitive merit scholarships. Applications completed after December 1 will still be considered for general merit based scholarships as funds are available.

What is the application deadline for Belmont University?

The application deadlines are July 1 for entry in the fall term, November 1 for entry in the spring term, and May 1 for entry in the summer term.

Is Belmont University rolling admission?

The application process opens on August 1, 2021 for 2022 admission consideration. Admission decisions at Belmont are made on a rolling basis, and all candidates with completed application files are given equal consideration throughout the admission cycle.

How long does Belmont rolling admissions take?

Students admitted during these times will receive packages by mail on a rolling basis of 4-6 weeks after receiving their acceptance letter and once their FAFSA has been filed. Contact Belmont’s Office of Student Financial Services at [email protected] with any questions.

What GPA do you need to get into Belmont?

With a GPA of 3.53, Belmont University requires you to be around average in your high school class. You’ll need a mix of A’s and B’s, and very few C’s. If you took some AP or IB classes, this will help boost your weighted GPA and show your ability to take college classes.

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How hard is it to get into Belmont?

Admissions Overview Belmont admissions is somewhat selective with an acceptance rate of 84%. Students that get into Belmont have an average SAT score between 1130-1320 or an average ACT score of 24-29. The regular admissions application deadline for Belmont is rolling.

What do I need to get into Belmont?

Applicants require very good grades in high school to get into Belmont. The average high school GPA of the admitted freshman class at Belmont University was 3.6 on the 4.0 scale indicating that primarily B+ students are accepted and ultimately attend. The school ranks #6 in Tennessee for highest average GPA.

What is the application deadline for University of Tennessee?

Students who apply by the early action deadline (November 1) and complete their application will be notified of an admission decision in mid-December. Students who apply by the regular admission deadline ( December 15 ) and complete their application will be notified of an admission decision in mid-February.

Does Belmont University require Covid vaccine?

It is the clear advice of the CDC that everyone be vaccinated for COVID-19 to help our world get the pandemic under control. Vaccination is strongly recommended for any students, faculty and staff wishing to be a part of the Belmont community for the Fall 2021 term, but is not required.

How much is tuition at Belmont?

Belmont University admissions is more selective with an acceptance rate of 83%. Half the applicants admitted to Belmont University have an SAT score between 1120 and 1300 or an ACT score of 23 and 30.

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What is the acceptance rate for Belmont University?

Students may send official test scores directly from the College Board and/or ACT Administration. Belmont is test optional for Fall 2022 applicants. Recommendation Form. The only required recommendation form must come from the applicant’s school counselor.

Is Belmont University a dry campus?

Belmont is a dry campus and they strictly enforce the drinking age. Alcohol is available for those students who want to partake in it at off campus parties.

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