Readers ask: When You Apply To Saddleback College Do They Issue You Your Student Id Number?

Admission Records (A R) will assign you a student ID number within 24 hrs. of applying for admission. Contact A R at (949) 582-4555 if you do not receive this email.

How do I get my Saddleback student ID?

College ID cards for students, faculty, or staff members can be obtained from the Office of Admissions, Records, and Enrollment Services during the office hours of operation. College ID cards are used on campus for various library, laboratory, and classroom tasks as well as printing and copying documents on campus.

What is my college student ID number?

Most of the time, your student ID can be found on your card. Locate a billing statement. Schools list student identification numbers on this document for financial records and verification. Typically, it is located on the top, left or right-hand of the statement.

How do I find my student ID for IVC?

The Student Number (sometimes referred to as Student ID) is assigned to you and is contained in the email sent to you upon acceptance to the college. The PIN is a four digit number entered by you in the application.

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How do I register for Saddleback?

Instructions to Register for classes:

  1. Go to and click MySite at top right.
  2. Enter your STUDENT ID NUMBER and PIN.
  3. Click My Classes on the top red bar.
  4. Click Add / Drop Classes on the drop-down menu.
  5. Click Add / Drop Classes in the CORRECT SEMESTER box. (

How do I find my IVC ID?

Complete the IVC application online at to obtain Student ID number and appointment for registration. (Be sure to declare an educational goal and major). Complete the IVC Matriculation process at

How do I access my Saddleback College email?

Click on the link or copy and paste it into your browser. Sign in with your entire student email address as the username and a password (You must reset your password if you are using the default PIN+00 as a password).

How do I find my student ID number k12?

Learning Coaches can locate a Student ID in My Info under the student’s School tab.

  1. ​Login to the Online School using the Learning Coach’s username and password.
  2. Click on the Learning Coach’s name (in the upper right corner of the screen) to display the Learning Coach quick links.
  3. Click My Info.

What is the meaning of student number?

Filters. A code assigned to a student upon entering an educational institution, and used to identify the student in official documents. noun.

What is my Saddleback College username?

What is my username? Your username is assigned to you after you apply for admission. It is a combination of your first initial and last name followed by numbers. It is the first portion of your student email address prior to the @ symbol.

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How many students are in IVC?

Admission Eligibility Irvine Valley College is one of two colleges in the South Orange County Community College District, which also includes Saddleback College. Students may apply to only one college. However, students may take classes at either college. and school dean.

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