Quick Answer: How To Apply To Wayne County Community College?

Go to www.micollegesonline.org to apply for WCCCD classes. Application procedures are outlined on this website under “Steps for Enrollment” and can also be found in the Catalog, Schedule of Classes and the Student Handbook, or students may contact the Office of Admissions and Records at any of the campus.

How do I get into Wayne Community College?

New Student

  1. Step One – Complete Application. Apply Online Now!
  2. Step Two – Apply for Financial Aid / Veteran’s Aid. Complete your FAFSA to begin the financial aid process.
  3. Step Three – Submit Official Transcripts.
  4. Step Four – Complete an Acceptance Interview.
  5. Step Five – Meet with Academic Advisor.

Are Wcccd classes online?

WCCCD – Distance Learning. Online courses are delivered on the Internet using course management software (Blackboard). The course sites can be accessed anywhere at anytime throughout the semester. Some online courses may require some on-campus labs or examinations.

Where do I send my transcripts to Wayne County Community College?

If you are a transfer student, you must have all previous academic credentials (transcripts) forwarded to the District Records Office, 801 W. Fort Street, Detroit, MI 48226.

Does Wayne County Community College require SAT?

All new degree or certificate seeking students must see an academic advisor and take the assessment test if necessary. Students who have a bachelor’s or graduate degree are not required to take an assessment test to enroll.

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Does Wayne County Community College have a LPN program?

ABOUT THE PROGRAM This one- year program will prepare students to fulfill an immediate need in the workforce and also serve as a pathway to other medical careers. Students who enroll in the program will range from recent high school graduates to other adult individuals desiring career training.

How do I get my transcript from Wayne County Community College?

Print out the transcript request form and fill out the form completely. Please contact our office at 919-739-6724 with questions, or to confirm your request form has been received. 4. Once payment and the transcript request form has been received, your transcript will be mailed by the following business day.

How do I get my transcripts from Wayne County Community College?

You can order and check the status of your request online via Student Webgate. Transcript requests submitted online are processed within 48 hours. Click here for online transcript request instructions.

How do I get my court transcripts in Michigan?

Official transcripts of courtroom proceedings must be ordered from the Court Reporter. Copies of official transcripts already on file with the court are available through the Court Reporter or through the PACER Service Center. A transcript to be delivered within thirty (30) calendar days after receipt of an order.

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