Quick Answer: How To Apply For Classes In Pierce College?

Students register for Pierce College classes through the ctcLink Student Center. If you need help registering, you can get help online though Zoom rooms and chat. You can also download ctcLink guides on using the class search, registering and more. Registration dates are posted on the Academic Calendar.

How do you register for classes in college?

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  1. Sign into your student account. For new students, take the time to familiarize yourself with your student account.
  2. Get your financial aid in order.
  3. Meet with your academic advisor.
  4. Tips on selecting college classes:
  5. Set an alarm to register for college classes.

Is Pierce College open for classes?

It is our goal to have all campus sites fully reopened no later than Winter Term 2022. Learn more about our campus reopening plans. Pierce College students who have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak can now access emergency funding through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

What do I need to enroll in college?

What Do I Need to Apply to College? For most college applications, candidates need to provide high school transcripts, recommendation letters, and ACT or SAT scores. They may also need to write personal statements or answer essay questions.

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Is Pierce College a 4 year college?

Pierce College was ranked the No. 1 four-year college in Washington, and No. 55 in the nation. Because the college offers three Bachelor of Applied Science degrees in dental hygiene, teaching and homeland security emergency management, it now competes in the four-year college category.

Is Pierce College a good school?

Los Angelees Pierce College is a great institution for students who are looking for a cheaper option, especially considering how expensive universities are today. Students who like to take care of their GE requirements at almost no cost should consider applying to a community college such as Pierce.

Does Pierce College require vaccine?

Students: Pierce College Requires Vaccinations This Winter In order to register for classes for Winter Term, students taking hybrid or in-person classes must complete a two-step process to both attest and verify their vaccination or exemption status.

How do you pay for classes at Pierce College?

Payment can be made through our simple pay system using Visa/MasterCard debit or credit card and check. You cannot use the payment link in ctcLink to make a payment. If you need to make a cash payment, please contact our Cashiers Office for payment arrangements.

How do I pay my Pierce College Bill?

Where do I make my payments?

  1. Online by using the Pierce College Simple Pay system.
  2. Download the Tuition Installment Plan Form from the Forms page and submit a completed form. In person at the Cashier’s Office at all locations (Fort Steilacoom, Puyallup, McChord and Fort Lewis) By mail (include your ctcLink ID)

What is an ASO fee in college?

What is the A.S.O. fee for? The A.S.O. student fee is $7 and can be paid at the business office. The fee is used to provide students with events and resources.

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Is Pierce College private or public?

Los Angeles Pierce College is a top-ranked two-year public institution in Southern California providing excellent opportunities for transfer education, career training, and life-long learning.

Does Pierce College have dorms?

Like most two-year colleges, Pierce does not have dorms or on-campus housing. Many students live in apartments or home stays in the vicinity of the college. Woodland Hills is located in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles County.

What city is Pierce College in?

Pierce College Fort Steilacoom and many Pierce College District offices are on 140 acres in the city of Lakewood, 10 miles southwest of Tacoma.

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