Question: How To Apply For Housing At Boston College?

Complete the Housing Application Access the Housing Application by clicking the My ResLife link on the Agora Portal. Be sure to complete the Housing Intent and Residency Agreement pages within the application.

How does Housing Work at Boston College?

The majority of Boston College students receive three years of guaranteed housing. Sophomore transfer students receive one year of guaranteed housing, while nursing students, Presidential Scholars, and certain student-athletes receive four years of guaranteed housing.

Is Boston College housing first come first serve?

First-Year Student Housing.

Does Boston College require on campus housing?

Unlike other local institutions, Boston College currently does not require students to reside on campus.

Are BC dorms coed?

I have always felt comfortable enough with the people in my building/floor to leave my door open [more so freshmen year than sophomore year however] FRESHMEN: [rooms are single sex, but dorms are co-ed by floor i.e. guys first floor, girls second floor, guys third floor, etc.] All freshmen must live on campus.

How many years do you have to live on campus at Boston College?

The majority of BC students receive three years of on-campus housing with the live-off year taken during their junior year.

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Where do BC students live?

While the majority of BC Law students choose to live closer to campus, many students do choose to live downtown. Generally, housing will be a bit pricier in downtown Boston and your commute to campus will be longer, depending on the specific neighborhood that you choose to call home.

Does BC have single dorms?

Traditional Single Room: Traditional single rooms are located on the Upper and Newton Campuses as well as 66 Commonwealth Ave. and Greycliff Hall. A typical traditional single room at Boston College is approximately 8 feet wide by 12 feet long. These rooms come furnished with a desk, bed, dresser, and closet.

Where do most Boston College students live?

More than 90 percent find apartments and homes within a mile of the Chestnut Hill Campus, in neighboring Newton, Brighton, and Brookline. A vast majority return to the main campus for their final year.

Does Boston College have accomodation?

Boston College is home to 30 residence halls, all of which offer a unique living experience for students.

Is there a curfew at Boston College?

Once you check-in for curfew, you are not to leave the building. The only exception to checking-in by curfew is if you have been approved to be off-campus with a family member. Any late curfew check-in’s will result in follow-up from the PC. All students must also be in their assigned room for bed each night.

What is the average ACT score for Boston College?

The best decision. Never boring – between academics and activities there is always something to do and something for EVERYONE. Come prepared for a heavy workload. It’s extremely important to learn how to balance your life – At BC the students live the work hard, play hard mentality to the fullest.

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