How To Apply Online For Salt Lake Community College?

Here’s the process:

  1. Apply for admission to SLCC.
  2. Complete the FAFSA to determine Pell Grant eligibility.
  3. Turn in any paperwork requested by our Office of Financial Aid Scholarships.
  4. The Financial Aid Office will let you know if your Promise funding has been approved through your MySLCC email account.

How do I register for classes at SLCC?

Register for Classes

  1. Log in to MySLCC and select Registration.
  2. Click on Register for Classes.
  3. Select the semester from the drop-down menu and click Submit.
  4. Sign the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement.
  5. Select Add/Drop Classes.
  6. Select the semester from the drop-down menu and click Continue.

When should I start applying to community college?

Don’t wait until the spring to submit your application Given that the community college is becoming less of a back-up option, students should submit their applications in the fall and early winter when they submit their four-year college and university applications.

How much is the application fee for SLCC?

Admissions Application Fee A one time, $40, non-refundable admission and processing fee is required in order to take Concurrent Enrollment classes. Admission means being accepted as a SLCC student. You must be admitted before you can register for classes.

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How many students go to SLCC?

33,420 (2011) /: How many students go to SLCC? How do I schedule a class at SLCC? Register for Classes

  1. Click on College Scheduler.
  2. Select the semester you plan on registering for and click Save.
  3. Select the campus(es) where you want to take classes and click Save and Continue.
  4. Sign the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement.
  5. To add the course(s) to your schedule, click on +Add Course.

Is Salt Lake Community College open enrollment?

Salt Lake Community College is an open enrollment institution. Meaning that there is no minimum ACT or GPA requirement to be admitted.

What scholarships does SLCC offer?

Other Scholarship and Financial Aid Resources

  • Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority.
  • Utah Regents’ Scholarship & Utah Scholars.
  • Utah Educational Savings Plan, Utah’s 529 Plan.
  • Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education.
  • The Daniels Fund Scholarship Program.
  • United Negro College Fund.
  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund.

How do I find my SLCC student number?

Your Student Number, or ‘S’ Number, identifies you as an SLCC student and gives you secure access to online and campus services. You can find your ‘S’ Number: On your student ID ‘OneCard’ In your SLCC enrollment acceptance letter that arrives in the mail.

What GPA do you need for community college?

There are some community colleges that require transfer students to have a GPA of not lower than 2.0 or 2.5 if they want to get admitted. Fortunately, for a student with a bad GPA, there are certain steps that he or she may try to get to the community college that he or she prefers.

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How much does community college cost?

According to Community College Review, the average cost of community college is $4,864 (in-state) and $8,622 (out-of-state) per year for public community colleges. For private community colleges, the average tuition is around $15,460 per year.

What is bad about community college?

Many community college students simply do not realize what their schools have to offer in terms of career planning and other support services. They may also fail to take their classes and coursework seriously because they too ascribe to the misconception that community colleges offer a lower quality of education.

How old do you have to be to go to SLCC?

Placement for early enrollment admission ACT: 18 or higher in Reading Comprehension and 19 or higher in Math.

Is Slcc a good school?

“Slcc is a great school with great programs. They are always willing to go above and beyond to get you what or where you need. Easy to navigate around the wonder campuses. The parking lot could use some work and it needs to be quite a bit larger.

Does SLCC require GED?

Salt Lake Community College shall be open, to all qualified applicants who have earned a high school diploma, GED, associate degree or higher, and all non-high school or GED completers who show college readiness.

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