How To Apply For The Dr. Pepper College Tuition Giveaway?

Dr. Pepper’s tuition giveaway award is to create a profile at In their profile, applicants will be asked to briefly describe a goal they’re dedicated to achieving in 50 characters or less. Applicants are then asked to elaborate on their goal—and how they plan to achieve it—in 350 characters.

How do you qualify for the Dr Pepper tuition Giveaway?

To be eligible for the Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway, students must be between the ages of 18 and 24 years old. If you have your eyes set on any accredited two- or four-year school, we’ ll just send your tuition money directly to them when you enroll.

Is Dr Pepper giving away tuition?

Dr Pepper is awarding over $650,000 in tuition to students to make their sweet college dreams come true! To enter, create a TikTok that tells us why you deserve tuition, how it will impact your life and help you reach your goals. Be creative. Be passionate.

What is the Dr Pepper Challenge?

The Dr. Pepper Challenge is a weirdly beloved college football institution. At halftime of the biggest postseason games of the year, two college students will attempt to throw footballs into holes in a large Dr. Pepper can in an attempt to win money to pay for college.

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Which scholarships are easy to get?

Top 8 Easy Scholarships

  • AFSA High School Scholarship.
  • Because College Is Expensive Scholarship.
  • Dr. Pepper Tuition Give-Away.
  • Easy Money Scholarship.
  • Valentine’s Day Scholarship.
  • “No Essay” College Scholarship.
  • ScholarshipPoints $10,000 Scholarship.
  • You Deserve It Scholarship.

Does KFC offer scholarships?

Kentucky Fried Chicken offers the REACH Kentucky Fried Chicken Educational Grant Program, focused on helping KFC restaurant hourly employees and shift managers pursue their education. The winners of these grants receive $2000 to $3000 for 2-year or 4-year college.

What is I deserve tuition contest?

The challenge will feature a custom sound build throughout the video and, when the beat drops, creators will showcase why they deserve tuition, how it will impact their lives, and how it will help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

How can I get free Dr Pepper?


  1. Go to or call 1-888-DRPEPPER (1-888-377-3773)
  2. Register your information online or by phone to receive a coupon for one free 20-oz. Dr Pepper.
  3. When your coupon arrives, redeem it wherever Dr Pepper is sold.
  4. Drink your Dr Pepper slowly to experience all 23 flavors.

How do you become a Pepper Pack member?

Applications to join the club open at the start of the year, so check next year to become a member of the Dr Pepper Pepper Pack and receive one of these six-pack packages for your next birthday celebration, along with exclusive access to much more.

Who won the Dr Pepper Challenge?

Clemson defensive end K.J. Henry, right, sacks Notre Dame quarterback Ian Book, left, during the Atlantic Coast Conference championship Saturday in Charlotte. CARBONDALE — She needed an extra 15 seconds to do it, but SIU junior Marianne Haines won the $125,000 grand prize in the Dr.

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What is the Pepsi scholarship?

The PepsiCo ExCEL Scholarship was developed to encourage and support the college ambitions of the children of the employees of PepsiCo and its subsidiaries. Awards are available to students pursuing their studies at approved colleges, universities or technical schools around the world.

Why am I not getting scholarships?

Many people I talk to say they can’t get college scholarships because their grades aren’t good enough, they haven’t participated in extracurricular activities or their family makes too much money. Don’t think you have to pay for college fully out-of-pocket. Don’t believe student loans are the first and last option.

How do I apply for scholarships for college?

Here are four ways to find scholarship opportunities:

  1. Look at your hobbies in a new way. You may not think of your hobbies and interests as a way to help pay for school, but you should.
  2. Register for Scholarship Search.
  3. Meet with your school counselor and others.
  4. Consider scholarships for minority students.

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