FAQ: Who Can Apply To Mineral Area College, Park Hills?

Mineral Area College is open to all high school graduates and non-graduates who are 16 years or older. MAC maintains an open door policy, providing higher education to everyone who can benefit from its programs and courses.

Is Mineral Area College d1?

Mineral Area College is a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association Division I, NJCAA Region XVI and the Missouri Community College Athletic Conference.

What is Mineral Area College known for?

Mineral Area College will be recognized as an innovative and significant educational institution and will: Recruit, develop, and retain a diverse student population by providing an accessible, quality, and affordable education. Provide students, staff, and faculty with appropriate resources for programs and services.

Does Mineral Area College have dorms?

College Park Residences provide independent living for students of Mineral Area College and Central Methodist University on the Park Hills campus.

What county is Mineral Area College in?

Mineral Area College was founded in April 1965 by popular vote of the residents of six public school districts in St. Francois and Madison counties and portions of Washington and Ste. Genevieve counties.

What is the acceptance rate at Macalester College?

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