FAQ: When Can I Apply To Attend Santa Ana College For The Summer?

The Online Application is available ​on November 1st for Spring and April 1st for Summer and Fall.

How many units can you take in summer Santa Ana College?

A summer session load should not exceed the equivalent of one unit per week or approximately nine units for an 8-week session.

What GPA do you need to get into Santa Ana College?

All students will be required to maintain a overall cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (C average) at all times. The cumulative GPA is based on all course work taken at RSCCD and other colleges, whether or not financial aid was received.

What do you need to get into Santa Ana College?

​ Santa Ana College​

  1. Age: 18 years and older.
  2. Education: Graduated from high school or obtained a GED.
  3. Grade Point Average (GPA): 2.0 (C grade average)
  4. English proficiency: TOEFL 175CBT / 61iBT; IELTS: 6.
  5. Submit the required documentation and application fees.

What is a cap student Santa Ana College?

Special Admit (formerly CAP) form. High School Students Special Admit Registration (formerly CAP) is registering for a college class. This is a limited program geared toward educational enrichment not remediation. Student must obtain signatures of parent and school principal.

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How do I drop a class at Santa Ana College?

​​Withdrawal from Class Students are encouraged to consult with instructors concerning class withdrawals. Students must officially withdraw by the web through the last day of the 12th week of instruction (or 75 percent of a term, whichever is less) and receive a transcript symbol of “W”.

How much is tuition at Santa Ana College?

Local tuition 1,160 USD, Domestic tuition 8,360 USD (2019 – 20) – / + : How much is tuition at Santa Ana College?

How many students attend Santa Ana College? 37,916 (2015) – /: How many students attend Santa Ana College?

Where do I send my transcripts to Santa Ana College? 2. MAIL IN TRANSCRIPT REQUESTS

  • A non-express request can be sent within 7-10 working days, the cost is $3.00 per copy.
  • Mailing Address.
  • Complete the transcript request form and sign it. Make checks payable to RSCCD.
  • Santa Ana College.
  • ATTN: Transcripts.
  • 1530 W. 17th St.
  • Santa Ana, CA 92706.

Does Santa Ana College have sports?

Athletics. Santa Ana College sponsors 18 sports programs. The 9 men’s sports programs are baseball, basketball, cross country, football, soccer, swimming, track and field, water polo and wrestling.

Does Santa Ana College have a football team?

Santa Ana Football (@sacdonsFB) / Twitter. The official Twitter account of Santa Ana College football.

What is a cap student?

Under the Coordinated Admission Program (CAP), a Texas resident high school graduate applying for freshman admission who is not offered regular admission to The University of Texas at Austin is given the opportunity to attend one of the other University of Texas System general academic institutions cooperating in the

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What is high school cap?

The College Advancement Program (CAP) is designed for high school students to experience college by enrolling in college level courses before you graduate from high school.

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