FAQ: How To Apply To Linn Benton Community College Dual Enrollment Program?

Step 1: Create a WebRunner account to begin the online application. Step 2: When prompted, select “New Student” for the Application Type. Step 3: After completing your application, someone from the LBCC Admissions Office will email you. Step 4: Complete the new student assessment.

How do I dual enroll in OSU LBCC?

If you want to be an OSU Beaver and dual-enroll with LBCC, you will fill out a single application that will simultaneously admit you to OSU and to the Degree Partnership Program. This application will require the regular OSU application fee (currently $65).

How much does a credit cost at Linn Benton Community College?

*Tuition and Fees: $122.54/per credit resident, $284.83/per credit non-resident, $347.54/per credit international effective 2020/2021. (ASLBCC fee $4.30 for five credits or less and $8.60 for six credits or more. Student Activity Fee, Transportation & Technology Fee is $7.88 per credit).

Does Linn Benton Community College have dorms?

LBCC does not offer student housing, but Student Life & Leadership provides a self-service bulletin board with information posted about available rentals in the area.

Does Ohio State accept dual enrollment credits?

Dual Enrollment or College Credit Plus: If you completed coursework through a partnership between your high school and a college or university, ask your high school guidance counselor about the process for sending your official transcript, including those courses, to Ohio State.

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What is DPP OSU?

The Degree Partnership Program (DPP) promotes educational attainment and bachelor’s degree completion by allowing students to be jointly admitted and concurrently enrolled at Oregon State University and Oregon or Hawaii community colleges. Learn More about our program, goals, and how to become a partner.

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