FAQ: How To Apply To Kilachand Honors College?

How to Apply. You can apply to Kilachand by first applying to one of Boston University’s degree-granting schools or colleges via the BU Common Application or Coalition Application. Once there, you will have the option to complete a supplemental essay to be considered for admission to Kilachand.

How do I get into Kilachand Honors College?


  1. Complete required Kilachand coursework, earning a grade of B or better in each course.
  2. Maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0.
  3. Attend two co-curricular events each semester.
  4. Reside in the required Kilachand first-year student housing.

How hard is it to get into the Kilachand Honors College?

BU is getting more academically competitive. For the class of 2021, students averaged in the top 7% of their high school classes with students in the University Honors Program averaging in the top 3% of their high school classes. 25% of applicants were accepted—a record low.

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How many students are accepted into Kilachand Honors College?

How many students are in Kilachand Honors College? We welcome approximately 130 to 150 students to our community each fall.

When can you apply for Honors College?

How can I apply? To be considered for the Honors College, prospective students should submit their online Mason application by November 1st. In the application, students will be given the option to apply and express their interest in the Honors College, so be sure to check the box!

Can you transfer into Kilachand Honors College?

Due to the linear nature of the Kilachand curriculum and cohort-based residential experience, Kilachand is unable to admit transfer or current Boston University students.

What is the acceptance rate for Boston University?

The mission of Kilachand Honors College is to offer a challenging liberal arts education grounded in critical and creative thinking, interdisciplinary problem-solving, and the real-world application of knowledge.

How do honors colleges work?

An honors program is designed to offer high-achieving students an opportunity to dive into their studies more thoroughly than they may in regular classes. A small group of admitted students is selected for the program, and honors programs exist at both public and private universities.

What is the questrom honors program?

The Questrom Honors Program is an academic community designed to challenge you intellectually and build your curiosity. You will have the chance to engage in deep discussions on business, experience a curriculum that balances core requirements, seminars, and the chance to learn outside of the classroom.

How do you answer BU Why?

Your answer should be Boston University-specific. You should do your research on Boston University to be able to name specific classes, programs, or professors that excite you. Your essay should focus on why you want to attend Boston University—not why you want to attend college in general.

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Is there an honors program at BU?

While the Boston University Questrom Honors Program offers extraordinary preparation to students, it is not for everyone. It is for those students who want to go above and beyond—who work hard, analyze deeply, and demonstrate tremendous motivation and commitment.

Who is kilachand?

Rajen Arvind Dev Kilachand is an Indian businessman. He is the chairman and President of the Dodsal Group, a UAE-based conglomerate founded by his family.

Is an honors college worth it?

College honors programs can be a lot of work, but for many students, they’re worth the effort and academic challenge. Although honors programs are more focused on academics, they also offer exceptional extracurricular activities, research opportunities, and valuable alumni networks.

Can I apply to honors college after freshman year?

+ Honors programs that include honors housing put highly motivated students together. + The better programs allow students to apply for admission during or after the freshman year. They offer a second chance to people who were not offered admission the first time.

What would be considered honors and awards?

Examples of academic awards include, but are not limited to:

  • AP Scholar.
  • Any “honor society” such as, International Thespian Society, National Honor Society, etc.
  • Honor Roll.
  • National Language Exam Recognition.
  • National Merit Award.
  • President’s Award.
  • School subject-based award.

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