About Us

College Success Network is just that ... a network of professionals from various disciplines who bring their talents together to help college-bound students achieve their best test scores, choose the right college, prepare a winning application, find scholarships, and all other aspects of the college admissions process.  Our advisors include credentialed, certified teachers and counselors, as well as experienced financial aid and business professionals. 

Please take a moment to read explore our website and read about our services.  As you do, keep in mind several important things:

•  While our advisors believe in developing grade-level plans for high school students beginning in their freshman year, we also believe that there is no package or cookie-cutter approach that works for every family.  Each student and family is at a different level of development in understanding the college application and admission process, and also have differing levels of demand on their time.  The amount of time, familiarity and motivation will all affect the kind and level of services that can best lead to success.

•  Speaking of success, we believe strongly that college is "not a prize to be won, but a match to be made."  The best college for a student is the one in which they will thrive, not necessarily the one that has the most recognizable sweatshirt.  Prestige counts, but so do many other things: finances, the ability to be successful within one's peer group, the opportunities available for campus leadership, major, etc.  We have all known students who accepted admission to the most prestigious college to which they were accepted only to come back home discouraged and depressed.

•  However, we also believe that students should set their sights high and realize that, with hard work and preparation, the best college for them is within reach! 

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